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Dairy farmers are being short changed

MY PARTNER’S alarm goes off at 3am. I don’t wake, I’m used to it. He might get home for a quick breakfast at 9am but as calving begins and the weather deteriorates I’ll be lucky to see him before noon, by which time he’s starving and exhausted. He won’t be back till 8pm for a shower and dinner, after which he crawls into bed, absolutely shattered. By: SARAH FALLON



U.S. Milk Producers Chief Criticizes Canadian NAFTA Stance on Dairy

National Milk Producers Federation President Jim Mulhern late Monday criticized Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrsytia Freeland’s speech earlier in the day, declaring that Freeland wanted to have the trade relationship between the United States and Canada “both ways — free trade with the United States in areas where Canada is competitive, but high protectionist walls when it comes to keeping out U.S. dairy imports.” By: Jerry Hagstrom