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Sections | 5 dairy farms affected by Dean Food’s downsizing have new place to sell milk

Five of the 26 dairy farms who were affected by Dean Food’s decision to downsize now have a new place to sell their milk.


One of the owners of Harrisburg Dairies sprung into action after hearing a report on abc27 News.

Harrisburg Dairies said taking in small farms affected by Dean Food’s recent decision to downsize due to a surplus in the market was a no brainer.

“It really made the decision for us, when it came to needing our milk supply to be independent producers that we can have a direct relationship, monitor and inspect ourselves,’ said Alex Dewey Assistant General Manager of the Harrisburg Dairies.

Part of the surplus comes from products like almond and soy milk. Also Walmart plans on opening its own bottling plant in Indiana. Walmart was Dean Food’s largest customer.

Harrisburg Dairies said they hope to enter negotiations with more farms in the future.


Source: ABC27 News

Link: http://abc27.com/2018/03/25/5-dairy-farms-affected-by-dean-foods-downsizing-have-new-place-to-sell-milk/

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