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Countries New Zealand |17 abril, 2018

deal | a2 Milk Company signs South Korea deal

Yuhan is the leading pharmaceutical company in South Korea, with annual revenue in the order of $1.4bn. Yuhan also has capabilities in consumer goods and has established other relationships with international companies, including Kimberley-Clark and Clorox Corporation.

South Korea is an attractive market opportunity for a2MC’s products, the company said, given high per capita dairy consumption and a fast-growing e-commerce channel.
New products

Lee Junghee, CEO and president of Yuhan, said aligning both companies will promote growth through continuous research and innovation.

“Yuhan Corporation and The a2 Milk Company will together launch a range of dairy nutritional products with only the A2 beta casein protein type that Koreans can consume for their health and well-being,”​ Lee said.

The a2MC product range will be sourced from Australia and New Zealand, with nutritional products produced by supply partner Synlait Milk Limited. Initial sales are expected to commence during the second half of 2018.

Alongside the expansion into South Korea, a2MC is continuing to broaden its nutritional product portfolio.

In addition to new a2 Platinum products recently announced, the company is set to launch an a2 Milk powder product blended with New Zealand sourced Mānuka honey.

By: Jim Cornall

Source: Dairy Reporter

Link: https://www.dairyreporter.com/Article/2018/04/17/a2-Milk-Company-signs-South-Korea-deal

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