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Countries Australia |21 mayo, 2018

Dairy Industry | Apostle Whey cheeses win over the judges at Dairy Industry Association of Australia awards

Apostle Whey Cheese’s Dianne and Julian Benson celebrate their award wins with staff.

Following an exact formula is a key ingredient to success for award-winning Apostle Whey Cheese.

Cooriemungle cheesemakers Julian and Dianne Benson took home a swag of awards from the Dairy Industry Association of Australia awards, including a perpetual shield for their Southern Briez brie-style cheese.

Mr Benson said consistency was key.

“For us to be successful we have to follow an exact formula. Firstly, we need great recipes for our cheese and secondly we need procedures that are adhered to – and are able to be replicated by our staff in order to deliver a consistent product,” he said.

“The main secret to the success of our cheeses is the quality of our milk. Luke, our son, manages the farm now and his role in producing high-grade milk means we can make the quality of cheese that we do.”

Apostle Whey Cheese claimed the Savannah Bio Systems Perpetual Shield for its Southern Briez Cheese. The award honours the highest-scoring non-cheddar cheese. The Southern Briez also won the Jasol Award for the highest scoring brie/camembert style cheese.

Apostle Whey also gained silver medals for its Smear Ripened, Bay of Martyrs and Loch Ard Gorgeous cheeses and for its Apostle Way full cream milk.

“To be honoured with a silver award for our Apostle Way Milk, which was only launched at the start of last year, is extra special,” Mr Benson said.


Source: The Standard

Link: https://www.standard.net.au/story/5418076/local-cheesemakers-win-over-the-judges-at-dairy-industry-awards/?cs=72

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