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Countries Brazil |20 julio, 2017

Dairy | Arlon Group invests in Brazil’s Betânia dairy

Arlon Group, a New York-based food and agriculture investment firm, has acquired a stake in CBL Alimentos SA (Betânia), based in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil. By: Jim Cornall

Betânia is the largest dairy company in the northeast region of Brazil, producing fluid milk, dairy drinks and yogurt, and other dairy products.

As part of the investment, Bruno Martins Silva has joined the company’s board of directors as Arlon’s representative.

Bruno Girão, Betânia’s CEO and majority shareholder, will continue to lead the business. Girão said he appreciated the breadth and depth of Arlon’s network in the food and agriculture industries in Brazil and globally.

“Their relationships and resources in retail, distribution and milk production will consolidate Betânia as the leading brand in the northeast region,» he said.

Silva said Betânia is well positioned in the growing milk industry as the leading regional dairy company, and it has developed a value-added portfolio, good brand recognition and a strong supply chain.

Roberto Rodrigues, a former agriculture minister of Brazil and a member of the Arlon Latin America advisory board said Betânia promotes dairy farming in the Northeast Region, and is key for both social and economic development in the region.

In Latin America, Arlon, which has $1.5bn in assets under management and also has offices in Sao Paulo, works in partnership with Brazilian investment company VR Investments.

Source: Dairy Reporter


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