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Countries United Kingdom |9 noviembre, 2017

ASDA | Asda is now selling camel milk

If you’re really keen to ride the trendy dairy train, you’ve got just enough time to hop on camel milk.
By: Ellen Scott

Source: Metro


Camel milk is not a new thing by any means – it’s been consumed in North Africa and the Middle East for years – but now, it’s finally available in the UK, as Asda’s just started selling the stuff.

When a mainstream supermarket sells a new type of milk, you know it’s going to become a fully-fledged trend.

Camelicious, a brand owned by the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, is set to launch in Asda, starting with longlife camel milk, which arrived on Asda shelves at the end of October.

An Asda spokesperson told ‘We always aim to make sure our range is a diverse as possible and Camel Milk is something a number of customers have been asking to see on shelf.

‘We know Arabic nomadic groups have been drinking it for centuries, and we’re excited that our customers can now enjoy the latest food trend – we think it’s set to make a big splash.’

Camelicious not yet available online, but it’s on sale in 144 Asda shops, with 235ml cartons available for £2.85. Yes, that’s fairly pricey for a dairy hit, but the reported health properties may make it worth the hype.

It’s got half the fat of cow’s milk, and can sit better with those who are lactose intolerant.

Health benefits of camel’s milk:

Camel milk has a fat content that’s around 50% lower than cow’s milk
It’s rich in vitamin C
There aren’t the same allergens as cow’s milk present in camel’s milk, so it’s likely not to irritate those with lactose intolerance
It’s got high levels of unsaturated fatty acids

We’re getting hold of some camel milk to try, but those who’ve had it says it’s pretty good – just a little saltier than cow’s milk.

Camelicious started producing camel milk more than 25 years ago, starting with just a few camels and gradually working up to using milk from a herd of 4,200 camels.

The brand developed special equipment for milking camels and started to work on spreading their milk far and wide.

Once their milk started gaining popularity, Camelicious started selling flavoured varieties, including strawberry, saffron, and chocolate, as well as cheese, ghee, and labneh.

Camelicious also makes ice cream, so if the milk’s a hit, camel milk ice cream could be next. Get ready.


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