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Countries India |19 septiembre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Association demands MSP for milk fixed at Rs 30 a litre

Odisha Milk Farmers’ Association today urged Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to fix Rs 30 as the minimum support price per litre of milk in the state.

In a memorandum, it pointed out that the neighbouring Telangana yesterday decided to give an incentive of Rs 4 per litre of milk over and above the selling price which will be effected from September 24.

Besides, Telangana also decided to provide a subsidy of 75 per cent on purchase of buffaloes which is going to benefit more than 10 lakh milk farmers of that state. In view of this, Odisha Milk Farmers’ Association has demanded to fix the MSP of milk at Rs 30 per litre in Odisha.

“Though the govenrment has accepted recommendation of the 7th Pay Commission and raised salary and other allowances MLAs and Ministers, the interest of the Milk farmers has been ignored,” the Association’s chairman Rabi Behera said.

While the Odisha Assembly has adopted a unanimous resolution to fix the MSP of paddy at Rs 2,930 per quintal, no such concern has been expressed by the House for the benefit of 8 lakhs milk farmers in the state.

The memorandum also demands inclusion of milk and milk products in MDM and ICDS progamme to tackle malnutrition among children and pregnant women.


Source: Outlook Magazines


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