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Countries Australia |10 mayo, 2018

Sections | Australian Consolidated Milk price: Lift a bid to build supply

ONE of the nation’s fastest growing milk companies, Australian Consolidated Milk, will open the 2018-19 season with an improved farmgate milk price of $5.90 a kilogram milk solids.

The new season price is 10 cents/kgMS up on this season’s close, as the Kyabram processor hunts for supply to build on its 350 million-litre milk pool. ACM has included options for a sign-on bonus for one, two or three years in an offer sent out to dairy farmers earlier this week.

ACM general manager Peter Jones said the sign-on bonus of 9c/kg butterfat and 19c/kg protein was included in the average $5.90/kgMS.

Existing and new suppliers could also sign on for two or three years and get this bonus for each year they sign on. This bonus would be paid in August.

Farmers willing to lock-in a portion of their milk supply at a fixed price for three years, were offered $6.04/kgMS.

The average weighed price for ACM’s organic milk pool for the new season is $8.01/kgMS, according to the supplier letter from ACM managing director Michael Auld.


Source: The Weekly Times


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