Australian Dairy Conference: Demand mobile in China


And they want to buy it via their mobile phone, according to a representative of the world’s biggest e-commerce site, the $485 billion Alibaba.

Alibaba Tmall business ­development general manager John O’Loghlen said Chinese consumers bought after asking a friend for a product recommendation and then searching online for a review.

Mr O’Loghlen also ­explained how Australia and New Zealand had an advantage over the rest of the world with its clean land, air and water and the three million Chinese tourists who travel home and promote products they used on their travels.

“Chinese want to live your lifestyle, enjoy the Australian and New Zealand experience, wear it, put it on their skin,” he said.

Alibaba has more than 1400 Australian brands on its e-commerce retail store, including dairy brands a2 Milk and Devondale.

Mr O’Loghlen said the ­future of dairy demand in China was liquid milk and different types of formula, but he said the key was to “tell the Chinese a different story”.

“A2 is so successful because it has a point of difference,” he said.


Source: WeeklyTimes





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