Butter price goes off the charts


Operators are facing worldwide a singular situation: the prices of Butter, Cream and Anhydrous Milk Fat (AMF) have reached unprecedented levels. The trend is still rising, and it becomes necessary to understand why.

Southeast Asia, Middle East and the other biggest regions importing these products increase their demand, which cannot be met. The reason is the low milk supply.


The EU-28, Australia, Argentina and New Zealand have shown a decrease in milk production compared to the previous year, since June 2016, mainly due to the lower farm-gate milk price. Even the intersection of seasonality affects the picture: we are now approaching a period when milk production in the Northern Hemisphere has started to fall from the seasonal peak, while in the Southern Hemisphere milk supply is gradually recovering.

Given these premises, the Butter & Cream Slideshow guides the Operators through a more complete analysis of these markets, visualizing with charts and tables the trends of Production, Consumption, Import/Export, Stocks and Prices.


Source: CLAL Team

Link: http://news.clal.it/en/butter-price-goes-charts/

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