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Countries Spain |26 agosto, 2015

Business | Cash-strapped Spanish to Receive €300 per Cow

As many as three thousand Spanish farms producing milk below the cost of production could benefit from thousands of euros of direct aid.

The measure, announced by the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Environment over the weekend, will see farms granted up to €300 per cow in response to demands made by the Young Farmers Association (ASAJA).

Ministers have stressed that cooperation across the entire value chain is required in order for support efforts to take full effect.

Minister Garcia Tejerina (pictured) recently reiterated commitment to doing “everything legally possible” to remedy a price crisis in the dairy market.

The ministry has said it is “working at maximum speed” and repeated that it is “absolutely false” that the French government has set a minimum milk price in the market.

A “new stage” is expected for the dairy sector on 7 September, when the Council of Ministers meets to discuss industry and government proposals.

This coming Friday, talks will take place between France, Italy and Portugal to find common ground to lobby the Council next month.


Source: CattleSite

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