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Suicidal Dairy Farmers Should Consider Marijuana Industry

Suicidal Dairy Farmers Should Consider Marijuana Industry

Dairy farmers all across the United States have been committing suicide at an alarming rate because their respective industry can no longer support them in the same way that it has for generations. For the fourth year in a row, diminishing milk prices has brought about dark times for this major farming sector.

China’s infant formula producers shine in 2017, despite shrinking newborns

According to market intelligence firm CCM, the infant formula sales in China have been surging in 2017, measured by the success of four major players in the industry. While China’s newly introduced two-child policy is not causing a higher baby rate as expected, dairy companies are fighting for the shrinking market share.

Dairymen searching for answers

Monday night, a woman from church asked me what was happening to dairy farmers. She had seen the evening news about the Dean Foods announcement, and wanted to know what it really meant for local farmers.

China mulls new national standard on raw milk

China is planning for a new national standard on raw milk to better regulate the market order and meet demands of different consumers, not long after implementing its “strictest ever” regulation concerning registration of infant formula products.