US dairy lobby submits its demands for NAFTA

The US dairy industry has submitted its demands for the upcoming renegotiation of NAFTA, pushing for freer trade in dairy overall and more specifically for a reversal of new Canadian rules on milk-derived products. By Alexander Panetta.


Canada’s dairy farms decline even with strict quota system

Even with its strict production quotas and guaranteed high milk prices, dairy farms in Canada are disappearing at a rate not far below what is happening in the United States. The country’s latest agricultural census shows a 14 percent decline in the number of Canadian dairy farms from 2011 to 2016. By: Jim Webster


Roskopf’s work hard to keep dairy afloat

The wooden frame at the edge of Dave and Monica Roskopf’s driveway hangs empty. For 11 years, a placard hung there, touting the couple’s 200-cow dairy as a Grassland Farm, but now only the frame remains.