Mohali admn to check adulteration of milk

Mohali: The district administration will take strict action against people involved in the supply and sale of adulterated milk and milk products under Mission Tandarust Punjab, said deputy commissioner Gurpreet Kaur Sapra.

India’s Sacred Cow Now Threatens an $83 Billion Dairy Industry

Violence against cattle owners—in a Hindu-majority country under a populist government—resulted in 11 deaths last year.

By: Anindya Upadhyay, Pratik Parija, Kanika Sood, and P R Sanjai

Source: Bloomberg


Scope Of Private Players In Indian Dairy Market And Its Negative Effects

India is producing more than 17% of world`s milk worth of around Rs 5 lakh Cr. Out of 40 Cr. Litre per day of milk production only 7 Cr. Litre per day is being utilized by the organized sector…

By: Akshay Jadhav

Source: LinkedIn


Why Danone Shut Its Dairy Arm In World’s Largest Milk Consuming Nation

A country of milk lovers, abundant supply and a growing market—that’s what India offered Danone but the French giant chose to shut its dairy operations.

By: Sharleen Dsouza

Source: BloombergQuint