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USDEC holds bullish outlook on EU milk production

USDEC holds bullish outlook on EU milk production

The EU reported its first increase in milk production in nearly a year aided by the rising European milk prices and the USDEC expects the trend to continue. By: Mary Ellen Shoup


Minnesota Milk Declares New Truck Weight Law a Success for Dairy

One of Minnesota Milk Producers Association’s top legislative priorities became law this week as Governor Mark Dayton signed HF 1725. The measure allows smaller (single-unit) milk trucks a 10 percent increase in their weight capacity, assuming they follow bridge limits and recommended tire load weights. By: RUSTY HALVORSON


Roskopf’s work hard to keep dairy afloat

The wooden frame at the edge of Dave and Monica Roskopf’s driveway hangs empty. For 11 years, a placard hung there, touting the couple’s 200-cow dairy as a Grassland Farm, but now only the frame remains.


New dairy goat farms satisfying market demands

The establishment of a major dairy goat venture by a company which had been specializing in the operation of large dairy cow operations in Wisconsin and Michigan is proving to be a great benefit for an east central Wisconsin family-run dairy goat production, manufacturing, and marketing business. By: Ray Mueller


Why Milk Creates Anger Across U.S.-Canada Border: QuickTake Q&A

Canada’s dairy industry, which receives tariff and quota protections from its government, has drawn the ire of U.S. President Donald Trump, who blames Canada for millions of dollars in lost sales for U.S. milk producers. By: Jen Skerritt