Lactalis baby products recalled over salmonella cases

Lactalis baby products recalled over salmonella cases

France’s economic ministry has banned the sale of several baby formula milk and baby food products made by the country’s dairy giant Lactalis following the discovery of salmonella cases in babies less than six months old.

By: Naomi Rovnick

Source: The Financial Times



France orders ban of baby milk formula by dairy giant Lactalis, with some products exported to China

Salmonella found in products exported by world’s largest dairy company to China, Taiwan, Africa and Latin America.
France has ordered banned the sale and ordered a recall of several baby milk formula milk and baby food products made by French dairy giant Lactalis after the discovery of salmonella bacteria, consumer protection agency DGCCRF said in a statement.


Source: South China Morning Post



It’s Udderly Ridiculous — Another Case Of Contaminated Raw Milk

Last spring we wrote about contamination of raw milk with the dangerous bacterium Listeria monocytogenes, and this fall about a different contamination of raw milk from a dairy in Texas with another bad actor — Brucella abortus (also known as RB51). It’s too bad the more people don’t listen.

By: Ruth Kava

Source: American Council on Science and Health



South Dakota dairy plan worries Lake Hendricks, Minn.

Straddling the Minnesota-South Dakota border, Lake Hendricks is a fishing and boating destination that helps drive the economy in far southwestern Minnesota.

By: Mark Steil

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Buying infant milk powder is still a really scary thing in China

It’s been almost a decade since China’s infamous milk powder scandal came to light—when tainted formula killed six infants. The trauma left by that episode has been so strong that people in China still strongly prefer a foreign brand to a domestic one when it comes to infant formula.


Heavier penalties needed to eliminate food safety scandals

Food safety is never a mundane topic given that billions of meals are served daily in China. Recently, Gong Wenbin, manager of a bakery and confectionery factory in Liuyang, Hunan Province was sentenced to 10 months in prison and banned from the food industry for life.

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Source: Global Times



NY City closes pre-school after toddler with dairy allergy dies

New York City authorities have closed a pre-school after a 3-year-old boy died from what his family said was an allergic reaction after being fed a grilled cheese sandwich even though the staff knew the toddler suffered from a severe dairy allergy.


Source: Reuters