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Dairy Farmers | Connecticut dairy farms churn out products across the state

The Farmer’s Cow is a six-farm cooperative in Connecticut that is turning out all kinds of milk products and more that you see in stores.

By: Ann Nyberg-News Anchor

Source: WTNH


The dairy farms, many of which are multi-generational, are in North Franklin, Coventry, Thompson, Hebron, Lebanon, and Woodstock.

They have a cafe and creamery in Mansfield, and their dairy bar was named number one in New England by Yankee Magazine.

On this edition of Nyberg, we learn more about the business from Kathy Smith who is part of the Cushman Dairy Farm in North Franklin.

“Because of the milk bar being so popular, we decided that we would take some difference flavors and put them in glass bottles and change them out every month or so,” explained Smith. “We’ve gone through…Maple milk, we’ve had blueberry milk.”

The bar has more than just milk.

“We have coffee, three kinds,” Smith said. “When we opened up the restaurant, we do breakfasts, we wanted a coffee that was worthy of our cream so we partnered with Omar Roasting in Newington, Conn. and they sourced a bean in Guatemala for us and its rain forest-certified and it’s money going,” she said. “We’re working with the farmers in that community, so it’s helping farmers internationally.”

So much is going on with The Farmer’s Cow.

I’m the granddaughter of a dairy farmer in Indiana, so I understand what farm living is all about. It’s hard work and we’re so grateful to our farmers in Connecticut.

To find out more information, including how you can tour the farms, you can visit


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