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Countries New Zealand |29 enero, 2018

Dairy Farmers | Cows and heifers arrive at Manfeild for national Dairy Event


Farmers prepare their animals for the national Dairy Event at Manfeild in Feilding. Annie Gill finishes washing her calf.

Some of the country’s best dairy cows and calves will be on show at Manfeild as the Dairy Event starts in Feilding this week.

About 380 female dairy stock will be washed, shaved and blow-dried as they’re lined up to win prestigious prizes in the show ring.

The event attracts people with their show animals from all over the North Island.

And it brings thousands of dollars to Manawatū as visitors eat at restaurants and stay in motels and hotels, organisers say.

There is a show and sale involving live animals and several embryo packages.

Dairy Event chief executive Wallace Gilbert said this would be the 10th such event.

«This year, there is a special class for daughters and granddaughters [dry stock only] of all the previous breed and all-breeds supreme champions.»

He said a youth show was a big part of the overall event.

«In 2018, there are 91 youth entered ranging in age from 5 to 26. This is the highest number in all the 10 years of the show. There is a very keen interest in dairying and showing, which bodes well for the future of dairy farming.»​

It is the only national event for the showing of dairy cattle.

The main breeds are ayrshire, jersey and Holstein friesian and there are a few brown Swiss and milking shorthorns.

Manfeild was able to house stock under cover, so the event was not weather-dependent.

Organisers want the public to see some of the country’s show cows. The event is at Manfeild Stadium from Wednesday until Friday.

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