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Countries Australia |6 septiembre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Dairy Advocacy Reform Team: A promise of better advocacy

A REVIEW into the future of dairy farm advocacy, governance and leadership will be made public later this month. By: SIMONE SMITH

The Dairy Advocacy Reform Team was formed early this year in a bid to change the current industry model and make it more efficient and ­effective.

Backed by the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria, the Victorian Farmers Federation and the Australian Dairy Farmers, the DART team included up to 10 “emerging dairy leaders” as well as “a small number of senior, experienced and respected dairy leaders”.

DART chairman John Versteden confirmed the project was complete and farmers would learn the outcomes later this month.

Traditional dairy advocacy had come under fire in recent years, with the rise of alternative group Farmer Power and concerns the ADF received more than twice as much money from milk processors than it did from farmers for its funding.

Meanwhile, the ADF is calling for nominations for three dairy farmer business directors and an independent director.

Two business directors, elected at the 2014 annual general meeting, have served the required three-year term and must retire, but can nominate for re-election. Independent director Dedee Woodside has served the two-year term and must retire, but can also seek re-election.

Business director and former ADF president David Basham retired earlier this year and in April became the Liberal candidate for the state seat of Finniss in South Australia.

Due to Mr Basham’s departure, Van Diemens Land Co ­director Bruce Donnison was appointed as a temporary business director to fill the vacancy. Mr Donnison must also retire and can renominate.

Director elections will be held at the ADF annual general meeting on November 24. Dairy farmers wanting to nominate must be a member of ADF.

ADF has 281 direct dairy farmer members.


Source: The Weekly Times

Link: http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/agribusiness/dairy/dairy-advocacy-reform-team-a-promise-of-better-advocacy/news-story/7be189d0df63f1ca3616aea75539ef4e

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