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Countries United States |12 enero, 2018

Meat | Dairy and meat lead 8% rise in food prices in 2017

Global food prices rose 8 per cent in 2017, led by sharp increases in dairy and meat.

By: Emiko Terazono


Link: https://www.ft.com/content/1442a75a-6039-3656-91a5-20b0f42f5b49

The 2017 average of Food and Agricultural Organization’s food price index was up 8.2 per cent from a year before, although values eased at the end of the year with prices down 3.3 per cent in December month-on-month.

Dairy prices led the way in 2017, rising by almost a third with a record rise in butter, followed by whole milk powder and cheese. Meat prices gained 9 per cent.

Despite pressure from large inventories, cereals rose 3.2 per cent while vegetable oil prices increased by 3 per cent. Sugar was depressed, falling 11 per cent due to a bumper harvest in Brazil, the world’s largest producer.


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