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Countries United Kingdom |23 abril, 2018

Co-Op | Dairy co-op Dale Farm signals interest in LacPatrick merger

Northern Ireland’s leading dairy co-operative Dale Farm is in talks with Ireland-based dairy co-op LacPatrick for a potential merger.

Formed in 2015, LacPatrick, and supports 700 local farmers and possesses processing facilities on both sides of the Irish border.

On Wednesday (18 April), LacPatrick’s board said it had received “a number of approaches” from other businesses in the sector and was considering a merger, partnership or joint venture.

Belfast-based Dale Farm, a co-op of 1,300 dairy farmers from across the UK, has now confirmed its interest.

Lakeland Dairies, based in County Cavan, Ireland, has also confirmed its interest.

Dale Farm chief executive Nick Whelan said: “Dale Farm has been made aware of the situation at LacPatrick and we have an interest in these developments.”

If the merger go-ahead is confirmed, it will be Dale Farm’s first significant business interest in the Republic of Ireland in more than a decade.


Source: FarmingUK

Link: https://www.farminguk.com/news/Dairy-co-op-Dale-Farm-signals-interest-in-LacPatrick-merger_49118.html

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