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Countries United States |18 diciembre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Dairy farm holds training session in Okeechobee

Dairy farms in our viewing area are under attack.


Source: Fox 29

Link: http://www.wflx.com/story/37079280/dairy-farm-holds-training-session-in-okeechobee

On Friday, dairy farm owners and their workers took action they hope will prevent future problems.

Four times in the last four weeks, an animal rights group has released undercover videos they claim prove local farmers abuse of dairy cows.

In response, Southeast Milk Inc., which distributes milk from many farms, responded by making changes including new training sessions.

Today’s training session was held in Okeechobee.

“Quite frankly I was appalled by the videos,” said SMI CEO Jim Sleper.

Sleper organized the sessions after he realized a problem in those videos.

“All the workers weren’t being appropriately trained,” said Sleper.

The point of the training sessions is to fix that issue.

“Better understanding of the protocols that are necessary for instance, job description, making sure they truly understand the proper stockmanship and how to handle the animals,” said Sleper.

Sleper says these training sessions could be held annually.


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