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Countries Europe |10 julio, 2017

Sections | Dairy farmer confidence ‘at all time low’ as Arla warns of Christmas cream shortage

Arla chief executive Peder Tuborgh has warned the UK faces a shortage of butter and cream at Christmas as prices continue to soar. By: ALEX BLACK

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Tuborgh said prices would rise before Christmas due insufficient milk supplies.

“The first sign we will see of it, is that the price of butter rises very sharply,” he said.

NFU dairy board chairman and Arla farmer Michael Oakes said he was not surprised by the warning and other processors would also be worried about shortages.

Mixed messages

The union said farmers were receiving mixed messages with farmers warned ‘only a few months ago’ there was too much milk.

“Farmer confidence is at an all time low,” he said.

“They did not get the spring rush they were expecting. When prices dipped earlier in the year it affected farmer confidence.”

He called for the industry to provide farmers with better market signals than just prices and information which would help farmers to better plan their production.

“Ultimately, in order to get a sustainable milk supply, we need to get a sustainable milk price,” he added.

Source: FG Insight

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