Dairy farmers being crushed by capitalism

There was a March 26 editorial, “Desperate times,” calling for the company that’s decided to no longer buy their milk to give local farmers until the end of the year to find other outlets. Some letters have called for the compulsory purchase and sale of locally produced milk by local grocery stores. I believe one letter called for construction of a milk-processing plant for farmers (“We need to focus on saving dairy farms,” March 23).

These are shockingly socialistic ideas to be coming from conservative-values-voting Lancaster County, particularly its rural areas. Apparently Lancaster County Republicans are in favor of the free market right up to the point that they get hurt by it. How ironic, yet predictable. Simply put, these farmers are being crushed by good, old-fashioned, vertically integrated American capitalism.

You get what you vote for, folks. By the way, the last time the Republicans controlled Congress and the White House, we started to feel the rumbles of the Great Recession. From 2009 on, the Democrats provided up to 30 months of unemployment benefits to millions of people who would otherwise have lost everything. The stock market is wobbly, folks. That GOP magic is about to strike again, but not before the smart money cashes out. As I said, you get what you vote for.

By: Tony Hopkins

Source: Lancaster Farming

Link: https://lancasteronline.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/dairy-farmers-being-crushed-by-capitalism/article_4ea3981c-4719-11e8-ad01-dbd54389ffa7.html

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