Dairy farmers being pushed out of business


While I have not been affected directly, it is a constant topic of conversation when somebody else whom I know is added to the list of not being able to ship their milk due to strict and unrealistic regulations placed by the milk company partially because they might not make as much money off of the farmer as they would like.

Not only do farmers have to pay for all of the testing and transport of their milk, now the milk company can say that farmers making less than a certain amount of milk are not eligible for pick-up and that conditions of the farm do not meet their standards, which are also constantly changing and often regulated by individuals who have never yielded a shovel, let alone milked a cow.

In a free society, why are farmers being pushed out of business when milk is still an in demand commodity? Who gave the milk company the right to tell farmers what to do with the milk they produce?


One Comment;

  1. John said:

    Your milk company is like your customer. The customer chooses the standards and quality they want.



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