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Countries United Kingdom |7 diciembre, 2017

Business | Dairy farmers can take bite out of imports, says Graham’s boss

Domestic dairy farmers could benefit from Brexit, a Scottish dairy company said yesterday, as consumers turn away from imported products.

By: Hazel Sheffield

Source: The Times

Link: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dairy-farmers-can-take-bite-out-of-imports-says-grahams-boss-th655sp9c

“It’s crazy that a country like Britain is the second largest importer of dairy products after China,” Robert Graham, managing director of Graham’s the Family Dairy, said. “We’re a farming nation.”

He identified opportunities for farmers to replace butter imports from Denmark and yoghurt from France and Germany. “We want to replace these products with British and Scottish products,” he said.

The acquisition of Glenfield Dairy in Fife and volatile milk prices weighed on full-year results for Graham’s, taking the shine off a large rise in revenues. The Glenfield deal, completed in 2016, allowed Graham’s to increase its range of products.


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