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Countries Australia |31 octubre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative milk intake down 1.3 per cent

DAIRY Farmers Milk Co-operative had a milk intake of 269 million litres for the past financial year, 1.3 per cent down on the previous season, according to its annual report.

Source: The Weekly Times

Link: http://www.weeklytimesnow.com.au/agribusiness/dairy/dairy-farmers-milk-cooperative-milk-intake-down-13-per-cent/news-story/0c3475587a2d5235ca73526cfbb4ac1b

Queensland farmers supply a total of 95 million litres between the far north and south-east regions, followed by NSW farmers at 73 million litres and then Victoria at 69 million litres.

The 48 farms supplying DFMC in far north Queensland received the highest price at 57.66 cents a litre, followed by south-east Queensland at 56.21 cents/litre, NSW at 50.94 cents/litre, Western Victoria at 42.48 cents/litre, Victoria/Riverina at 38.79 cents/litre and South Australia at 37.51 cents/litre.

DFMC said the variance in the southern regions was attributed to a difference in average components and incentives paid, with the southern milk price lower than the long term averages.

The average milk volume per supply is 1.2 million litres.

DFMC executive officer Mark Kebbell reported an operating profit before income tax, dividends and rebates of $260,000.

He said it was a decrease from the previous year but in line with budget expectations.

It paid a dividend of 12 per cent and a “rebate” of $1 per 500 litres supplied.

The financial report showed profit from operations after income tax and before member distributions of $195,000.

DFMC supplies milk to Lion Dairy & Drinks with the DFMC chairman Duncan McInnes reporting a number of meetings with Lion regarding an extension to the two parties’ milk supply agreement which expires on June 30 2019.

He said “at the time of writing (we are) pleased to report we have made great progress on negotiating an extension”.


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