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Countries Australia |23 julio, 2018

Dairy Industry | Dairy industry in the balance

‘MILK in the Balance’ is the theme of the WAFarmers 2018 Diary Conference that will be held at Abbey Beach Resort, Busselton, on Thursday, July 26.

WAFarmers dairy section president Michael Partridge will welcome guests before the official opening from WAFarmers chief executive officer Trent Kensett-Smith who will talk about the organisation’s work and how it will benefit local dairy farmers.

There will be plenty of interest in the presentation from Australian Dairy Foundation (ADF) chief executive officer David Inall who will provide his view on the recent Australian Competition and Consumer Commission inquiry into the dairy industry.

In the report the ACCC identified a range of market failures, resulting from the strong bargaining power imbalance and information asymmetry in farmer-processing relationships.

“These features of the industry result in practices which ultimately cause inefficiencies in dairy production,” the ACCC said after releasing the report on April 30.

The WAFarmers dairy council panel will give an update on its advocacy for the local industry on a national level.

This will be followed by Louise Cashmore, Reality Consulting, who is co-ordinating the Perth Royal Show Dairy Pavilion.

She will tell farmers how they plan to get city people to understand the WA dairy industry at the annual show in September.

Industry consultant Steve Hossen’s talk on ‘Price Analysis – what it means to you’ will focus on how farmers can maximise their returns in relation to their processors’ pricing systems.


Source: Farmers Weekly

Link: http://www.farmweekly.com.au/news/agriculture/cattle/dairy/dairy-industry-in-the-balance/2757573.aspx

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