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Countries United Kingdom |17 enero, 2018

Dairy Industry | Dairy industry launches new resource to help farmers promote the benefits of dairy

The Dairy Council, Dairy UK and AHDB have launched a new website with resources for farmers to share.

By: Alex Black

Source: FG Insight

Link: https://www.fginsight.com/news/news/dairy-industry-launches-new-resource-to-help-farmers-promote-the-benefits-of-dairy-49795

With dairy farmers trusted by the majority of the British public, the Dairy Council, Dairy UK and AHDB dairy announced the launch of tellitlikeitis.co.uk at the 2018 Semex Dairy Conference.

The website provides farmers with infographics, suggested tweets and ideas of how they can communicate the benefits of dairy to consumers.

Speaking at the Conference, Dr Judith Bryans, chief executive of Dairy UK, emphasised how important it was for farmers to be tweeting the right thing about the industry.

Dr Bryans told the conference they particularly needed to concentrate on millennials who were young parents or considering having children as it could have a knock on effect on the next generation.

She highlighted the latest campaign surrounding the fictional Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs which aimed to use a parody to remind people of ’why they fell in love with dairy’.

“We had 220 pieces of media coverage. 98 per cent of it was positive,” she said.

“We had a video that ran which had 1.1 million views.”

She added some farmers might not like the advertising but it was aimed at millenial consumers, not at the industry.

“They like the ones that go a little bit quirkier.”

She added they were ’keeping it fresh’ using the recent Government reshuffle to announce a rename as the Dairy Department of Scrumptious Affairs.

“Wholesome was not tasty enough,” she said.

They were also looking to take the adverts ’out of home’ to tube and train stations, as well as utilising ’influencers’ online.


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