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Countries New Zealand |24 abril, 2017

GDT | Dairy markets: futures hit two-month high

New Zealand WMP futures have climbed 3% this week on the back of another GDT rise. By Matthew Halpin.

Last Tuesday’s Global Dairy Trade (GDT) event saw a third consecutive rise for milk product prices.

With the price index increasing by 3.1%, to an average price of $3,139, this is the first time three consecutively-positive events have been recorded since last December.

With GDT prices gathering momentum, futures prices have also followed trend. Whole milk powder (WMP) futures have climbed 3% in the last two weeks – even without three days of trading over the long Easter weekend.

At the GDT in New Zealand, the price index for whole milk power (WMP) increased by 3.5% with an average WMP price …
Source: Farmers Journal

Link: http://www.farmersjournal.ie/dairy-markets-futures-hit-two-month-high-272225


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