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Countries New Zealand United Kingdom |12 julio, 2018

reassures | Danone reassures NZ customers after UK baby milk complaints

French food group Danone is investigating reports that its new Aptamil baby milk formula has made some infants unwell in Britain, but the company has reassured New Zealanders the product is not sold here.

Parents had made complaints on the brand’s Aptaclub UK Facebook page after recent changes to the formulas of three of its milks. Danone UK said that extensive quality and safety checks had been made but added that it is taking “all feedback very seriously”.

“We are very concerned to hear reports of babies being unsettled or unwell and we will investigate every complaint,” it said in a statement.

“We would like to reassure parents that the quality and safety of our products is our number one priority.”

In a statement supplied to the Otago Daily Times the company reassured its New Zealand customers.

“Following some media reports in the UK, we would like to reassure parents that the new Aptamil recipe launched in the UK is safe and suitable for the feeding of babies. Furthermore, we can confirm that these products are not sold in Australia or New Zealand.

“Regardless of this fact, we would like to emphasise that quality is our number one priority.

“Our colleagues in the UK are therefore doing everything to investigate every single complaint and to help families during the transition to the new recipe,” the company said in a statement.

In Britain mixing instructions on Aptamil packs have been updated, the company said, because the new formula requires parents “to mix it up slightly differently compared with the previous formulation -specifically, shaking vigorously for 10 seconds to dissolve the powder”.

While the company investigates the complaints it has set up a free helpline for parents to call for advice.

Danone shares lost 2 percent on Monday on the Paris bourse.

The group’s sales have been boosted in recent quarters by the strong performance of its baby food division, thanks notably to strong demand for its Aptamil and Nutrilon brands in China, where consumers are highly sensitive after melamine-tainted baby milk led to the deaths of six children in 2008.

By: Reuters

Source: Otago Daily Times

Link: https://www.odt.co.nz/business/danone-reassures-nz-customers-after-uk-baby-milk-complaints

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