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Countries United States |5 abril, 2018

Sections | Dean Food’s dairy farms may have a potential buyer

The dairy farms that were terminated by Dean Dairy Holdings may soon have a new place to send their milk.

The Center for Dairy Excellence has just informed Sen. Michele Brooks that they have learned of a milk buyer who may be interested in taking additional milk from dairy farms in Mercer County and surrounding areas.

The buyer is asking farms to work through the Center, who will then contact the processing facility.

“We will continue to explore every possible solution but wanted to at least get this information to our dairy farmers impacted by the Dean’s Dairy announcement,” Brooks said.

“I understand the terrible impact that Walmart’s decision to build a processing plant in the state of Indiana has had on local dairy farmers. It’s my hope that the following information assists our farmers and leads to some solution to help offset the concern generated by the recent announcement from Dean’s Dairy.”

“I have talked to many farmers impacted by the recent Dean’s Dairy decision to terminate many local contracts, and I know there are many farmers I have not yet heard from,” Brooks said. “We wanted to spread the word to see if we can connect our locally produced fresh milk with a new market.”

“We are all concerned about our farms and those who produce our food and put milk on our tables. Hopefully this leads to help for some of those farms impacted by the Dean’s Dairy announcement.”




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