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Countries New Zealand |18 diciembre, 2017

Dairy Farmers | Defence lawyer criticises Crown for milk powder case delays

A lawyer representing a man charged with trying to cause major commercial losses with false claims about contaminated milk powder has criticised the Crown’s delays in obtaining evidence.


Source: The Marlborough Express


Maximillian Christian Zucker, 20, allegedly “communicated information he believed to be false” about milk powder at Pacific Lab Holdings, in Marlborough, in October.

Police claim Zucker, a worker at the factory, intended to “cause a significant disruption to commercial activity in New Zealand”, likely to cause major economic loss to the company director.

The German man entered a not guilty plea last month and reappeared for a case review hearing at the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

But Crown prosecutor Jamie Crawford said she was still waiting to obtain evidence from police.

Zucker’s lawyer Bianca Mueller said the charge was inappropriate, unlikely to result in a conviction, and the Crown’s delay in obtaining evidence did not “align with the Crown being a model litigant”.

Judge David Ruth remanded Zucker on bail to another case review hearing on February 5.

It was not revealed in court how Zucker allegedly made his claim, or what the alleged contamination was.

Zucker was in the country on a visa, staying in Marlborough, and was supposed to leave in late November.
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His bail conditions required him to surrender his passport to police.

He was also banned from going to Pacific Lab Holdings and from leaving Marlborough.


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