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Countries United States |8 enero, 2018

Governor | DFA applauds Governor Greitens’ support of dairy

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), a national cooperative owned by family farmers, applauds Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens’ support of the state’s dairy industry.


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Earlier this year, Greitens approved $660,000 in the state’s budget to fund the Missouri Dairy Revitalization Act (MDRA), which provides cost-share assistance to producers who proactively manage their farm’s risk by purchasing margin insurance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Margin Protection Program for Dairy producers.

‘We appreciate the Governor’s support of Missouri dairy farm families and look forward to working with him as well as Director Chinn of the Missouri Department of Agriculture to help identify other ways to further grow the dairy industry in the state,’ says Randy Mooney, Chairman of DFA’s Board of Directors and a dairy farmer from Rogersville, Mo.

DFA and its producer-leaders were central to the program’s creation. For the past several years, DFA members joined other agriculture leaders in advocating for the MDRA’s passage and funding.

Mooney says, ‘This announcement reaffirms what I have always believed to be true. When dairy farmers work together, whether in a cooperative or towards improved public policy, they can make a positive impact in their communities.’


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