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Australia |22 abril, 2018

Dairy Industry | Fake baby milk factory shut down in Spain

A factory that packaged counterfeit baby milk for China has been shut down in Spain and four people arrested, police say.

Four people have been arrested and a factory that packaged counterfeit baby milk mostly destined for China dismantled in a northeastern city in Spain.

Three of the four people arrested on Saturday were Polish nationals, and eight tons of the forged product were discovered, according to police in Girona.

The suspects allegedly adapted the product to the country it would be sent to by offering the milk in various formats and branding.

The factory’s main market was China, according to police.

Police said the product, bought in bulk in Poland for one euro per kilo and delivered to Barcelona, was not harmful but lacked the nutrients needed by infants.

It was also made in an environment that did not comply with food health and safety standards.

The operation began thanks to a warning from Europol after Polish authorities dismantled a similar factory in Poland, though without making any arrests.


Source: news.com.au

Link: http://www.news.com.au/world/breaking-news/fake-baby-milk-factory-shut-down-in-spain/news-story/6336b041d8dfab399167610721401f90

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