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Countries Australia |24 abril, 2018

Business | Farmers’ Fund milk: UDV president Adam Jenkins attacks brand

VICTORIA’S dairy farmer leader Adam Jenkins has attacked the Farmers’ Fund milk brand, despite playing a pivotal role in its formation.

Since it was launched in September 2016 the milk brand has generated 40 cents on every two litres sold in Coles’ supermarkets for a fund to support dairy farmers.

But since its inception a number of dairy farmers have criticised the scheme, denouncing the United Dairyfarmers of Victoria and Victorian Farmers Federation forming a partnership with Coles, given the supermarket led the $1-a-litre milk discounting campaign.

Last week UDV president Mr Jenkins joined the attack on the brand, launching a series of tweets stating the: “UDV did not support or endorse” the brand and it was “a terrible undermining of UDV by previous management who is no longer there”.

When asked on Twitter who in the VFF thought the fund was worth merit, Mr Jenkins tweeted: “Quite clearly and publicly the previous CEO and President (No longer there)”.

He then went on to tweet it was a “tough gig for those picking up the pieces. We don’t like the past but can’t dwell on it either, we need to forge a better way forward”.

Previous VFF president Peter Tuohey said he was stunned by Mr Jenkins’ attack, given that Mr Jenkins, as UDV president, was involved in the very first meetings with Coles, was consulted regularly on all aspects of the fund, the guidelines and had endorsed the brand.

“For all of this (the formation of the brand and fund) to finally happen it had to be passed by the VFF board, of which the UDV president is a director,” Mr Tuohey said.

“So it’s disappointing that he (Mr Jenkins) is walking away from supporting his dairy industry.”

The fund has raised $1.87 million for dairy farmers.


Source: The Weekly Times


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