Fillmore County dairy farmers recognized during banquet

Each year awards are given to deserving dairy producers based on production records kept throughout the year. This year’s top honor was presented to Trailside Holsteins LLC, Jon and Michael Johnson, as the Fillmore County Premier Dairyman. Other awards presented included the Most Improved Herd awarded to Crown Hill Holsteins of Preston, Lowest Somatic Cell to Roadside Dairy, Todd Hendrickson Family and Top Lifetime Cow to Trailside Holsteins. A cow from each of the dairy breeds is recognized as the top in the county; the farms where these cows live are as follows: Holstein – Trailside Holsteins, Brown Swiss – Trailside Holsteins, Ayreshire – Wingert Registered Holsteins, Guernsey – Down N Dirty, Jersey – Esperanza Cattle Company, Mix breed-Brian and Judy Hazel, Red and White – Crystal View Farms. Herds that produced over 800 lbs, of protein were also awarded. They are as follows: Trailside Holsteins, Hinckley Holsteins, Johnson’s Rolling Acres, Mulhern Dairy, Sass Farms, Tom and Sue Holst, Heusinkveld Farms, Brian and Judy Hazel, Crystal View Farms, Deer-Brook Farm, Edgewood Acres, Roadside Dairy, Blue Valley Holsteins and Kuhn Dairy. The farms recognized by these awards are diligent caretakers of the land and animals, ensuring safe nutritious milk for our community.

Kayla Biel, daughter of Kevin and Kelly of Harmony, was crowned the 2018 Fillmore County Dairy Princess. Biel is an active senior at Fillmore Central High School who works together with her family on their dairy farm. She will represent the dairy community in many promotional events such as Dairy Night on the Farm and local parades.

Biel looks forward to sharing with others her dairy story. In May she will represent Fillmore County at the state level as she competes for a chance to become a Princess Kay of the Milky Way Finalist. Princess Kay is the official good will ambassador for the dairy community in the state of Minnesota.

During her reign as Dairy Princess, she will be joined by the 2018 Fillmore County Dairy Ambassadors:

• Emma Mulhern, daughter of Cory Mulhern and Kathy Mulhern, of Fountain

• Miles Tweten, son of Chad Tweten and Billie Tweten, of Fountain

• Caden Johnson, son of Trinity and Emily Johnson, of Peterson

• Carson Johnson, son of Trinity and Emily Johnson, of Peterson

• Isaac Oian, son of Steve and Toni Oian, of Peterson

• Sarah Schriever, daughter of Paul and Nicole Schriever, of Harmony

• Faith Schriever, daughter of Paul and Nicole Schriever, of Harmony

• Klaudia Biel, daughter of Kevin and Kelly Biel, of Harmony

• Kenny Biel, son of Kevin and Kelly Biel, of Harmony

Roadside Dairy, of Preston, will be hosting the 2018 Dairy Night on the Farm. The annual family friendly event will be held June 16 and will feature a meal to include cheesburgers and ice cream. This family farm is outstanding in milk quality and care for their animals. All are welcome to visit the dairy farm on June 16 and meet a dairy farmer and the cows that make delicious milk.


Source: Fillmore County Journal


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