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Countries New Zealand |25 abril, 2018

Business | Fonterra eyes dairy beverages

Rising global demand for dairy and fruit beverages has prompted Fonterra to team up with a Hawke’s Bay company to make new products.

Fonterra Brands New Zealand and Apollo Foods, a start-up company, will install plant at the Apollo premises in Whakatu, Hawke’s Bay, to make fruit and dairy beverages for the NZ market.

Apollo’s beverage filling technology will enable it to make a range of containers and fill them with different products on the one production line.

Good quality control will retain the products’ fresh taste, allowing a long shelf life, hence retailers will be able to stock an extensive range.

Fonterra Brands NZ general manager Leon Clement says the rising global demand for dairy and fruit beverages is a great opportunity.

“As high-quality drinks play a bigger role in consumers’ diets, NZ companies have opportunities to add value [and create] future brands.”

The Apollo Foods plant will have capacity for millions of litres of beverages each year and will enable the companies to lead in their respective categories.

Ross Beaton, managing director at Apollo Foods managing director Ross Beaton applauds the deal.

Hastings mayor Sandra Hazlehurst says the deal results from 18 months effort by Hastings District Council and Apollo Foods.

“It cements our beautiful district as a leader in food production,” she says.

The plant was commissioned last month and is now making Mammoth flavoured, low-sugar milk with a shelf life of six months.

Other new beverages will follow.


Source: Rural News Group


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