FrieslandCampina Spreads the ‘Goodness of Dairy’ to Singapore’s Heartlands

More than 350 residents from the Sembawang division participated in this morning’s event. Held at Wellington Primary School, the event was graced by Singapore’s Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, who is also the Grassroots Adviser to Sembawang GRC Grassroots Organisations.

The Sembawang division is the first grassroots community where FrieslandCampina will be promoting the importance of nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle. The Company will also be educating the community on the importance of milk as it is widely recommended as a good source of nutrients, such as calcium[1].

Residents at the Community Sports Day event were given nutrition and recipe guides, and treated to free smoothies, in effort to demonstrate and educate them on the ease of incorporating milk and dairy into daily diets. Residents were able to choose between two low fat, no added sugar options, which drove home the importance of healthy eating and nutritious diets.

A special photo booth was also set up for participants to capture their memories from a day of fun and games with their families and neighbours.

Mr. Piet Hilarides, Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Products Asia, FrieslandCampina said: “We are delighted to support the People’s Association at the Sembawang Community Sports Day to share the goodness of dairy with Singaporeans. This event provides an excellent avenue from which we can remind everyone that dairy has a role in balanced nutrition, and that healthy eating must be accompanied by active lifestyles. FrieslandCampina believes that we can play a leading role in Singapore’s health agenda by supporting the government’s efforts to encourage people to get active and to eat healthily.”

Mr. Jeffrey Ng Boo Wui, PBM, Chairman of Sembawang Community Sports Club said: “The Community Sports Day brings residents in the heartlands closer to sports, helping them to make new friends and strengthen their bonds with neighbours. We are pleased to have the support of FrieslandCampina for this year’s event in Sembawang. We hope that residents have enjoyed the opportunity to participate with their families and neighbours in a day of fun-filled sports and games.”

The Community Sports Day is an annual event that aims to connect residents through sports. The event is also an opportunity to promote healthy living among residents.


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