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Countries United States |25 noviembre, 2016

Dairy Farmers | From Dilapidated Dairy Barn to Scenic Wedding Venue

Wedding trends come and go through the years. One Wisconsin family decided to capitalize on the trend and save their old dairy barn at the same time. By Ashley Davenport

The Pfaff family’s original cow barn started to deteriorate, and after repairing the roof, Kristin Pfaff decided the facility would be a unique event center.

Garden Valley Gatherings is a rustic facility, offering a serene setting for special events in west central Wisconsin. Since the barn is part of a 300-acre dairy farm, the Pfaff’s offer wedding packages with a little extra.

“We will offer to bring in animals as a package, because there are some brides that would love to come out to the country and have their photograph or family pictures with a diary animal,” said Pfaff.

Because the family is so passionate about the dairy industry, they offer special touches from the farm.


Source: AgWeb



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