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United States Canada Videos |11 julio, 2018

Foreing Trade | Got Milk? Canada and the U.S. Clash Over Dairy

Why is the Trump administration targeting dairy products in its trade dispute with Canada?

Benn Proctor, Program Associate with the Wilson Center’s Canada Institute, explains why dairy from north of the border has become such a contentious issue between otherwise friendly neighbors. That’s the focus of this edition of Wilson Center NOW.


Benn Proctor is the Program Associate at the Canada Institute. Before to joining the Wilson Center, Proctor was a senior regulatory analyst at the Alberta Energy Regulator. Previously he worked as a policy analyst for the British Columbia Utilities Commission and as a researcher at the Bank of Canada. Proctor is a graduate of Simon Fraser’s Master in Public Policy program, he also holds a B.A. in economics from the University of Victoria. Proctor’s research interests include energy and climate policy, benefit-cost analysis of regulations, and the sharing economy. His 2014 assessment of Vancouver’s taxi and ridesharing regime was called “a devastating critique of taxi regulation” by the Vancouver Sun. Proctor has also published numerous op-eds and made media appearances to discuss the consequences of antiquated regulations.


John Milewski is the executive producer and managing editor of Wilson Center NOW and also serves as director of Wilson Center ON DEMAND digital programming.


Source: The Wilson Center


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