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Countries Greece |14 septiembre, 2017

Labelling | Greece’s Mandatory Milk Labelling Plan Meets Opposition from Dairy Industry

Greece’s plan to make country-of-origin labeling on milk mandatory from 2018, has led to a backlash from some of the bodies of the dairy industry. By: Theo Ioannou

Greek Agriculture Minister Evangelos Apostolou announced the plan on September 7, and the bill is due to be discussed in parliament. The European Commission confirmed that Greece had originally given notification of the bill, in September of last year.

A spokesperson for the Commission said Brussels should adopt implementing rules on voluntary origin indications, such as providing information on the source of the main ingredients, later this year.

FoodDrinkEurope, which represents food manufacturers in the EU, and the European Dairy Association seem opposed to such plans.

A spokesperson for FoodDrinkEurope told just-food that the Commission should fight such measures as they “are slowly but surely annihilating the single market”.

European Dairy Association secretary general Alexander Anton agreed, arguing that the eight measures that had been put forth, damage EU trade. However, EU farm body Copa-Cogeca, was more positive.


Source: just-food


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