Here’s why Shatto Milk disappeared (temporarily) from your grocer’s dairy section


Barb Shatto, the dairy’s owner, said normal Monday and Tuesday deliveries to area grocers resumed this week after production of retail milk products had been halted for more than a week. Restaurant deliveries resumed Wednesday.

Shatto said those super cold temperatures a week and a half ago caused a water pipe to break.

“It was just a total mess,” Shatto said. “Water went everywhere, all over our equipment.”

Of course, it froze and disrupted the dairy’s ability to bottle its retail milk products, which include various white milks and flavored milks such as chocolate, root beer and strawberry.

“The only thing we haven’t made is Cookies N’ Cream and Banana, and I believe they’re making it tomorrow,” Shatto said.

Shatto Dairy is 30 minutes south and east of St. Joseph, and serves grocers and restaurants within 100 miles.

Its grocery partners include Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Whole Foods, Hen House, Sun Fresh and Balls Foods.





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