Hunt for most ingenious dairy invention

Yet, his low- cost, magnetic invention to assist with a task almost every dairyfarmer faces daily – moving electric fences posts – has provided an immediate impact for the 400-cow dairy farm at Yannathan, Victoria.

For an investment of $59.80 in four magnet strips plus some cable ties, Mrs Finger and her employees now have a safe and easier-to-handle operation, with the ability to securely store electric fence pegs on the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) allowing two hands to steer effectively and store posts firmly while navigating pasture terrain.

“We never really acknowledged how inefficient we were undertaking this task until my Dad came up with his bright idea,” she said. “His invention makes moving electric fences so much safer, easier and more manageable.”

Mrs Finger is a member of the Australian Dairy Conference (ADC) programming committee, which is planning a new session for next year’s conference.

‘The Pitch’ aims to find the nation’s most ingenious and creative dairy innovation.

Recognising the inventive mix of farmers, suppliers and organisations within the industry, the ADC is on the hunt for the most creative and novel idea that can deliver immediate farm benefit for its 400-strong farmer audience.

Seeking the top ideas, innovations, tips, tools, products or services that deliver the greatest return on investment and on-farm impact, entries are open to farmers, public and private organisations, research bodies, scientists and service companies to bring novel and creative ideas to farmer delegates.

“We are confident this natural ingenuity is happening on many dairy farms across Australia hence our thinking is why not share this knowledge to the benefit of all farmers and their on-farm operations,” 2018 programming committee chair Scott Fitzgerald said.

“There is an incredible mix of scientists, dairy technicians, suppliers, researchers, industry bodies, animal welfare, agronomists and the list goes on ù with an incredible wealth of knowledge and expertise at their disposal.

“ADC is calling on the sharpest and most creative minds and ideas that can easily be delivered on-farm and that have the ability to immediately deliver a benefit within one month of implementation.”

The top 10 ideas and/or innovations will be selected by an ADC panel to creatively pitch their idea and profile their innovation as part of conference proceedings in Melbourne from February 13-15. Entries close October 2. D

More information regarding ‘The Pitch’ is available at

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