Indore: FDA launches full-fledged drive, to collect milk samples from parlours across city


As part of the citywide drive, the department officials collected samples of paneer, milk, oil and ghee from various parlours in Pipliyahana area on Monday. According to chief food safety officer Manish Swami, as many as six samples have been collected from various dairies and milk parlours of the area.

“We have already collected milk samples from Sanchi parlours across the city and now, we have taken the samples from other shops as well to ensure that people do not consume contaminated milk and milk products,” he said. Department officials have also collected samples from a paneer manufacturing unit at Pipliyahana square and found unhygienic conditions in the facility, especially in terms of sanitation and kitchen maintenance.

“Apart from collecting product samples, we have also warned the owner of the facility to maintain cleanliness in kitchen and hygienic condition in manufacturing to avoid action,” the officer said, adding that they had taken 40 samples of milk and beverages during the last summer season and now, again have started a similar kind of drive across the city.

A week later, FDA yet to receive ‘important’ report on milk samples

Following reports of presence of harmful chemicals in Sanchi milk, food and drug administration department had sent milk samples collected in the raid to Bhopal laboratory. Then, the extent of emergency was such that the samples were flown to Bhopal overnight to get reports on it at the earliest. However, all the urgency seemed nothing but a show off as the ‘urgent’ report was yet to be received by the department despite seven days have passed since the incident came to light.

“We have not received any report from Bhopal laboratory yet and have been repeatedly reminding the concerned officials to speed up the process. However, we were informed that the milk samples contained a different kind of chemical close to sodium sulphate,” chief food safety officer Manish Swami said. He said that the officials in Bhopal will also compare the milk samples with the samples collected from the Sanchi parlour before sending the final report. FDA expects to get the report within couple of days, said sources.




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