Is this Japanese milk advert the most bizarre commercial of all time?

A BIZARRE Japanese advert for children’s milk could be classed as one of the strangest commercial’s of all time.

The 30-second commercial for food manufacturer Lamonghua Mothers appears to associate children’s cow milk with aliens.

The UFO theme may well be inspired by the fact drinking milk is a relatively alien concept for many Chinese kids.

Despite growing popularity and the fact China is the world’s third-largest producer, the average Westerner still drinks far more milk per year than the average Chinese person.

In the ad, children are filmed running through the fields holding empty glasses.

Hoping for a fresh glass of milk, they suddenly stop when a UFO suddenly appears.

A giant cow udder slowly emerges out of the alien craft and showers the scene with milk.

Not a single youngster is drenched by the cow’s milk and, sighing with relief, the kids enjoy their nourishing drinks.


Source: The Sun




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