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Countries United States |6 septiembre, 2017

Up | July cheese production up 1% on year

The USDA says domestic cheese production during July 2017 was up 1% on the year at 1.027 billion pounds. The production of Italian type cheeses rose at a faster rate than American and other types, 1.2%% versus 0.2%. By: John Perkins

Milk production during July 2017 was up almost 2% from July 2016, so there’s plenty of milk heading into cheese production channels, pushing supplies to record levels in recent months with strong domestic demand unable to fully cancel out low export demand.

Butter production was up 1.6% at 137.285 million pounds as churners respond to better export demand and expectations for strong end of year domestic demand. Nonfat dry milk for human consumption was 1.6% lower, while production of skim milk powders was 2.9% higher.

The total for dry whey jumped 21.0%, with lactose for human and animal consumption up 1.5% and the whey protein concentrate total increasing 8.5%. Hard regular ice cream production was down 1.7%, with the total for lowfat up 3.4%. Sherbet production was 5.3% lower and the total for frozen yogurt was down 5.3%.

The USDA’s August milk production numbers are out on the 18th and the monthly cold storage report is due on the 22nd.


Source: Brownfield Ag News

Link: https://brownfieldagnews.com/news/july-cheese-production-1-year/

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