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Countries Australia |25 julio, 2018

Dairy Farmers | Kekovich comes to Shepparton to help dairy farmers

APCO Shepparton hosted Lambassador Sam Kekovich yesterday as the former AFL player came to the northern Victorian town as the face of a Farmer Power campaign to create awareness of the dairy industry’s current situation.

Mr Kekovich said his work as Lambassador went hand in hand with the work he was doing on this tour.

‘‘This is all related,’’ he said.

‘‘We’re a unique community, we’re country folk and the lamb community, dairy community we’re all one and the same.’’

Farmer Power executive chair Garry Kerr explained the purpose of the event.

‘‘We’ve started this public awareness campaign to raise the awareness of the plight of our dairy farmers,’’ he said.

‘‘We want to treat the cause not the symptoms.”

By: Rodney Woods

Source: Country News


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