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Countries New Zealand |9 noviembre, 2016

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Outgoing International Dairy Federation (IDF) president Dr Jeremy Hill has been awarded an honorary membership of the federation in recognition of the significant advances made over the four years of his presidency. BY ANNE BOSWELL

Hill, who is also Fonterra’s chief science and technology officer, is only the second New Zealander to receive this recognition in the 113-year history of the IDF and will remain on the board to provide support to incoming president and chief executive of Dairy UK Dr Judith Bryans.

“I am indeed honoured to be recognised in such a way by the global dairy sector,” Hill said. “I started this presidency by saying that such was the importance of IDF that if it did not exist, the dairy sector would need to create something like it.

“My four years as president has not weakened my view of this. I have been delighted with the progress IDF has made and the value we have been able to create for the dairy sector and its stakeholders, including our important role in proving the highest quality nutrition to consumers.”

This progress included the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive new IDF strategy, vision and purpose; work to clarify the value and impact of the global dairy sector, and strengthening the relationship with key United Nations agencies.

Hill’s tenure also included the landmark signing of the Dairy Declaration of Rotterdam on October 19 this year by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations and the International IDF, during the World Dairy Summit.

The declaration aimed to reiterate the integrated approach that the dairy sector takes to promote the sustainability of dairy systems, taking into consideration social, economic, health and environmental dimensions.

“I am confident that we will look back at this declaration as a landmark event in the history of dairy,” Hill said. “We can be confident about the impact and importance of the dairy to the world. At the same time, we must also recognise that dairy is not perfect and there is considerable scope to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all dairy systems, and with these improvements make an important contribution to the sustainability of our dairy chains, our dairy communities the nutrition of the population and ecology of the planet.”

The IDF is a leading source of scientific and technical expertise for all stakeholders of the dairy chain, engaging stakeholders in activities and research projects to further current knowledge and science on a wide range of issues. It also provides a common platform, systems and processes for the global dairy sector to reach consensus.
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