Lactalis baby products recalled over salmonella cases


The affected Lactalis products have also been recalled in France and for export to a wide range of international markets in Europe, Africa and South America as well as China.

In early December, Lactalis informed the French authorities of “20 cases of salmonella for infants aged less than six months,” the economic ministry said in a statement. The French dairy giant then recalled 12 of its infant products.

Now it says five new cases of infection with the salmonella agona bacteria have been reported, the statement added. One of the infants had consumed a Lactalis product that had not been on the first recall list. The infants have now recovered, the agency said.

Lactalis spokesman Michel Nalet said on BFM Television that the products can be exchanged in pharmacies or supermarkets. He said that any salmonella bacteria would be killed by boiling the milk for two minutes.




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